What services does ADR Private Court offer?

ADR Private Court arbitrations are set up much like a trial, with the arbitrator presiding as judge. Each side presents evidence at an informal hearing. There's no need for discoveries and the rules of evidence are simpler than those of the public system. The arbitrator returns a written and binding decision within several weeks of the hearing. Most Private Court arbitrations last a day or two.

ADR Private Court mediations are designed to help parties come to a mutually satisfactory settlement. Each side presents their case at an informal hearing. The mediator then works with the parties - both individually and together - to arrive at an agreement they can all live with. If a resolution proves impossible, the parties can take their dispute to arbitration or to the public legal system. A Private Court mediation is usually resolved in a day or less.

An ADR Private Court Med-Arb begins as a mediation then converts to an arbitration if a negotiated settlement can't be reached. The arbitrator takes the arguments he’s heard during the mediation and returns a written and binding decision.

Neutral Third Party Evaluation
Neutral Third Party Evaluation is a non-binding arbitration. After reviewing the arguments of both parties at an informal hearing, the ADR Private Court arbitrator provides a legal opinion as to the merits of their cases. Neutral Third Party Evaluation is a useful tool in negotiations or in preparation for public court proceedings.






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