Why choose private court?

lower legal fees
Streamlined procedures mean legal disputes are resolved for a fraction of the cost of a public trial.

Because ADR Private Court proceedings aren’t public record, they’re ideal for sensitive commercial, professional or family matters.

quick decisions 
Cases take years to work their way through the public legal system. ADR Private Court disputes can often resolved within weeks.

The fixed daily fees of ADR Private Court make predicting legal costs easy.

ADR Private Court lets you choose the type of procedure that best suits your needs – arbitration, mediation or med-arb.

non-adversarial options 
Mediations are designed to arrive at settlements agreeable to all parties involved, making them ideal for disputes between family members, business partners or neighbours.

In public court, matters are decided by judge or jury. ADR Private Court can bring in experts from other fields to help arbitrate specialized cases.

binding agreements
Through provincial legislation, ADR Private Court decisions are as binding as public court orders.


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